Who Is Sam Bahadur, The Individual Vicky Kaushal Is Portraying In His Upcoming Film Titled ‘Sam Bahadur’?

Vicky Kaushal’s new movie trailer for ‘Sam Bahadur’ came out last weekend, and it’s really interesting. The movie is about the life of Sam Manekshaw, who was an important Indian army officer. He played a big role in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and became the first Field Marshal in India’s history.

Early Life Of Sam Bahadur

Sam Manekshaw was born on April 3, 1914, in Amritsar, Punjab. He was the fifth child of a Parsi couple named Hormizd Manekshaw and Hilla Mehta. They had six children, four boys and two girls. During World War II, his father served in the British Indian Army as a captain in the Indian Medical Service.


Journey Of Sam Bahadur

At first, Manekshaw wanted to become a doctor, just like his dad. But when his dad wouldn’t let him go to London to study medicine, he decided to do something different. He took a test to get into the Indian Military Academy (IMA) to go against his dad’s wishes. He was one of the fifteen cadets picked through a competition. They were the first group of cadets and were known as ‘The Pioneers.’ This group had three future chiefs – one for India, one for Burma, and one for Pakistan.

While Sam was at IMA, people knew him for being funny. He would sometimes get into trouble, and he joked in a letter to an imaginary friend that he got lots of extra drills as punishment. After he finished his training, he joined the Frontier Force.

During World War II, Sam, as a Captain with the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment, survived near-death injuries while battling for Sittang Bridge against the Japanese in Burma. He was fired multiple bullets.

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It was when he was barely clutching onto his life that Major General D.T. Cowan pinned his prestigious Military Cross ribbon on Manekshaw because “A dead person cannot be awarded a Military Cross.” Thanks to his loyal and brave orderly Sepoy, who rescued him just in time, Sam was able to survive the fatal wounds.

Sam Bahadur Become Army Chief

In June 1969, when Sam became the 7th Chief of the Army Staff, succeeding General P. P. Kumaramangalam, and during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War, his years in the military were put to the test.

As the conflicts between East and West Pakistan became turbulent and the Bangladesh Liberation War escalated, India actively aided the creation of the new country, Bangladesh.

Victory and Recognition of Sam Bahadur

Manekshaw’s careful planning and actions helped India win the 1971 war. He was open and clear when talking to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He said he could make sure India won the war if he could do things his way.

His great leadership led India to a big win in the war against Pakistan, which only lasted two weeks. India captured over 90,000 enemy soldiers.

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India recognized Manekshaw’s amazing work, and he got the Padma Vibhushan award from the President of India in 1972.

In the next year, he was made a Field Marshal, the highest rank in the army. He was the first Indian officer to get this five-star rank. Up to now, only two Indians have ever become Field Marshals. The second one was K. M. Cariappa, who was the first leader of the Indian Army.

Sam Manekshaw lived an extraordinary life filled with strong determination, courage, and excellent leadership. People are really excited to see Vicky Kaushal play the role of this famous person in the movie ‘Sam Bahadur.’ It’s expected to be a film that honors one of India’s most respected military leaders.


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