ClearDekho Success Story: Two Boys Built A Multi-million Dollar Company Selling Glasses. Read Their Story!

ClearDekho Success Story: In recent times, India has witnessed a surge in the establishment of new businesses and startups, inspiring many individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. This growing trend can be attributed to the proliferation of success stories circulating online, encouraging others to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

ClearDekho Success Story

Today, we present yet another remarkable success story: ClearDekho, a startup that has achieved extraordinary success by venturing into the eyewear industry. Founded in 2016, ClearDekho has rapidly ascended to prominence, establishing itself as a multi-million rupee enterprise.

Specializing in eyewear, ClearDekho offers a diverse range of spectacles and glasses to cater to varying needs and preferences. In this article, we delve into the journey of ClearDekho, uncovering the strategies and innovations that have propelled its founders to create a company valued at crores through the sale of eyeglasses.

ClearDekho Success Story Overview

FoundersShiv Singh and Saurabh Dayal
Year Founded2016
Problem AddressedLack of affordable and accessible quality eyewear in India, especially smaller towns and villages
SolutionOnline platform offering stylish and affordable glasses with home try-on program
Key ChallengesBuilding trust for online purchases, ensuring product quality and delivery, navigating logistics in remote areas
Strategies for Overcoming ChallengesPartnered with reputable manufacturers, implemented robust logistics network, prioritized customer service
ImpactIncreased access to quality vision care, improved public health, empowered local communities
Key AchievementsExpanded online presence, opened physical stores, significant growth in customer base
Future Plans(if available) Continued expansion, introducing new products and services, making eyewear even more accessible

This is how the ClearDekho success story began

ClearDekho’s journey began in 2016, founded by two childhood friends, Shiv Singh and Saurabh Dayal. While working in different fields, they noticed a significant gap in the availability of affordable and quality eyewear in smaller towns and villages across India. This lack of access often resulted in people using outdated or even harmful alternatives.

Driven by a vision to provide accessible and reliable eyewear solutions, Shiv and Saurabh launched ClearDekho. They started with an online platform offering a wide range of stylish and affordable glasses, eliminating the need for expensive physical stores. Additionally, they implemented a home try-on program, allowing customers to choose frames virtually and try them on at home before purchasing. This innovative approach addressed the challenges of physical distance and lack of access to diverse options.

Sell ​​glasses both online and offline!

Saurabh and Shivi, who started ClearDekho, used their know-how to make their business successful. They got a good response from the start. ClearDekho sells eyewear online and in stores now.

At first, they sold glasses online. Then, in 2018, they opened their first physical store in India. Since then, they’ve opened more than 100 stores across the country.

ClearDekho glasses are priced between ₹200 to ₹600, which makes them affordable for people in small towns and villages. This low price helps more people buy their glasses.

ClearDekho – A company worth crores

ClearDekho Success Story

ClearDekho, established in 2016, has grown into a multi-crore company. In FY2022 alone, it generated a revenue of Rs 7.50 crores. The company’s primary aim is to provide high-quality eyewear to residents of small towns and villages.

Regarding funding, ClearDekho has secured a total of $13 million from startup investors. This funding has propelled the company’s valuation into the multi-crore range.

Cleardekho vs Lenskart

Both ClearDekho and Lenskart are leading online eyewear retailers in India, but they cater to slightly different segments and offer distinct advantages. Here’s a comparison to help you choose the best option:


  • ClearDekho: Known for its affordable pricing, with eyeglasses starting at ₹200. Targets budget-conscious consumers and smaller towns.
  • Lenskart: Offers a wider range of premium brands and styles at higher price points. Caters to urban and fashion-conscious consumers.

Product Variety:

  • ClearDekho: Focuses primarily on eyeglasses and sunglasses. Limited selection of contact lenses and other accessories.
  • Lenskart: Offers a wider variety of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and accessories, including branded options.

Customer Service:

  • ClearDekho: Known for its personalized service and focus on customer satisfaction. Offers home try-on and free returns.
  • Lenskart: Offers various customer service options, including online chat, in-store assistance, and home eye check-ups.

Brand Presence:

  • ClearDekho: Primarily an online platform with a growing network of physical stores in smaller towns.
  • Lenskart: Has a strong online and offline presence with over 1000 physical stores across India.

Additional Features:

  • ClearDekho: Offers a vision insurance plan in partnership with Bajaj Allianz.
  • Lenskart: Offers virtual try-on and 3D model features, a wider range of lens coatings and customizations.

PriceAffordableMid-range to Premium
Product VarietyLimitedWide
Customer ServicePersonalizedMulti-channel
Brand PresenceOnline & Growing OfflineStrong Online & Offline
Additional FeaturesVision InsuranceVirtual Try-on, Lens Customizations

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