How To Buy iPhone 14 At Rs 26999, Check Offers Inside

iPhone 14 Lowest Price: Hi Folks! So, you know Apple just released the iPhone 15. Well, that’s making the iPhone 14 prices drop, which is awesome news. But guess what’s even cooler? The Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale is just around the corner, from October 8th to 15th, and you can buy the iPhone 14 for just Rs 26,999!

Yeah, you read that right – super cheap! If you’ve been dreaming about getting your hands on the iPhone 14 but thought it was too expensive, this is your chance to make it yours without spending a fortune. Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to snag this incredible deal! 📱💸

iPhone 14 Offer At Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale 2023

This year in India, the price of the iPhone 14 has dropped significantly, going from Rs 69,000 to just Rs 52,999. And here’s the exciting news: Flipkart has announced that they will be offering additional discounts on the iPhone 14 as part of their Big Billion Days promotion.

Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce giant, is changing the game for Apple enthusiasts. They’ve set three exciting challenges, and if you conquer them, you can score big discounts on Apple devices, slashing the price by Rs 3,000. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of these challenges and how they are turning the dream of owning an iPhone into reality.

The First Challenge: Boss’s Permission

The first challenge to snag an iPhone deal involves a simple task—convincing your boss to grant you leave to watch the India vs. Afghanistan cricket match. If you succeed, Flipkart will reward you with a Rs 4,000 discount on the iPhone 14 during their Big Billion Days sale.

The Second Challenge: Silent Signal

The second challenge is a bit trickier. It requires you to remain absolutely silent at a signal crossing. If you manage to avoid honking your horn, Flipkart will lower the price of the iPhone 14 by Rs 3,000 on Big Billion Days. It’s a unique and intriguing way to get a discount on a premium device.

The Third Challenge: Post-Flight Patience

For the third challenge, Flipkart took to the skies. Partnering with SpiceJet, they made an in-flight announcement. The challenge was simple: remain seated after the flight lands. If you can do that, Flipkart promises to slash Rs 3,000 off the Apple iPhone 14’s price. It’s a captivating way to make your journey more rewarding.

The Rewards

Flipkart recently announced that all three challenges have been successfully completed, and the price of the iPhone 14 now stands at an enticing Rs 49,999. This fantastic deal is available for a limited time during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale. But that’s not all; Flipkart has another surprise in store.

Exchange Offers On iPhone 14

In addition to the discounted price, Flipkart is offering an attractive exchange program. If you trade in your old iPhone 13 for a new one, you can enjoy a discount of up to Rs 23,000. This means that during the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, you can potentially own the new iPhone 14 for as low as Rs 26,999.

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