Earthquake In Delhi: Check Out Some Hilarious memes Shared On X

After a lengthy earthquake hit Delhi, many people immediately turned to the social networking platform X. Social media X was flooded with tweets shortly after the earthquake.

earthquack in delhi

Memes Flood On X After Earthquake In Delhi

One X user posted after earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi, “Just yesterday SRK posted about Dunki and today #earthquake tremors felt in North India. Even Nature understands who is real king,”

Its magnitude was 6.2 and its epicentre was located in Nepal.

One user of X shared “Tectonic plates under delhi after every few months”

Another X user shared a meme “Tectonic plates in Delhi every week be like:”

Another user of X shared a Rajinikanth meme.

One x user shared Virat Kohli meme


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