This Indian Bank Is Giving Up To 9% Interest On FD.

FD Interest Rate: In a world where it’s important to manage your money wisely, Unity Small Finance Bank, also known as Unity Bank, is catching attention. They’re offering really good interest rates on fixed deposits (FD) for people who want to save and grow their money. These rates are applicable on deposits below ₹2 crore, with effect from October 9, 2023.. This article will explain Unity Bank’s FD interest rates, so you can make smart choices with your finances.

Unity Bank’s Interest Rate Hike

Unity Bank recently made a significant change in its FD interest rates, effective from October 9, 2023. The bank now offers a range of interest rates based on the duration of your fixed deposit and whether you are a senior citizen or a general investor.

Unity Small Finance Bank latest FD interest rates

Unity Bank Hikes FD Rates

For individuals considering a 701-day fixed deposit, Unity Bank presents an attractive 9.45% per annum interest rate for senior citizens. Meanwhile, general investors can secure their investment with an 8.95% per annum interest rate over the same period.

Unity Bank Offers the Highest Interest Rates on Selected Tenures

Unity Bank takes pride in offering some of the highest interest rates in the market. It provides senior citizens with a remarkable 9.50% per annum interest rate and general investors with 9.00% per annum for a tenure of 1001 days. Additionally, for deposit durations of 181 to 201 days and 501 days, the bank extends an interest rate of 9.25% per annum for senior citizens and 8.75% per annum for general investors.

Unity Bank’s Latest FD Interest Rates

For regular consumers, Unity Bank provides a broad range of interest rates, spanning from 4.5% to an impressive 9%. Senior citizens, in particular, are in for a treat, with interest rates ranging from 4.5% to 9.5% per annum on deposits maturing in seven days to ten years.

Banking Sector Insights

Unity Bank is not the only bank changing its fixed deposit interest rates. Bank of Baroda has increased its rates by up to 50 basis points for deposits under ₹2 crore starting from October 9, 2023. This makes the competition in the fixed deposit market more intense, as many banks are trying to attract customers with better rates.

But not all banks are going in the same direction. Yes Bank and HDFC Bank, which are private banks, have lowered their fixed deposit rates on some options for deposits under ₹2 crore. IndusInd Bank and Punjab & Sindh Bank have also made changes to their rates in October 2023.

The Role of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has maintained a consistent stance on its benchmark interest rates. As of October 6, 2023, RBI has left the interest rates unchanged for the fourth time in a row, keeping the benchmark repo rate steady at 6.50%. This has a significant impact on the overall interest rate scenario in the country, influencing the decisions made by banks like Unity Bank and others.


Unity Small Finance Bank’s new FD interest rates are turning heads in the finance world. They offer good rates for both seniors and regular savers, making it a great choice for people who want to grow their savings. Keep in mind that the financial market can change, with other banks adjusting their rates in response to market conditions and rules. To learn more about Unity Bank’s rates and your investment options, check their official website.



  1. How can I open a fixed deposit account with Unity Bank?

    Opening an FD account with Unity Bank is simple. You can visit one of their branches or apply online through their website. Make sure to have the required documents and funds ready.

  2. Are the FD interest rates at Unity Bank subject to change?

    Yes, FD interest rates can change based on market conditions, regulatory decisions, and the bank’s policies. It’s advisable to check the latest rates before making an investment.

  3. What is the minimum deposit required for a fixed deposit with Unity Bank?

    The minimum deposit amount may vary based on the type of FD and the duration. It’s best to check with Unity Bank for specific details.

  4. Are there any tax benefits associated with fixed deposits at Unity Bank?

    Fixed deposits may offer tax benefits under certain conditions. It’s recommended to consult a financial advisor or tax expert for detailed information.

  5. Can I prematurely withdraw my fixed deposit from Unity Bank?

    Yes, you can prematurely withdraw your fixed deposit, but it may come with certain penalties or reduced interest rates. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions before making any premature withdrawals.

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