Mouni Roy Stuns Fans with Breathtaking Photos in White Bengali Saree for Durga Puja Celebration

In the flashy world of celebrities and stuff, Mouni Roy is like this total superstar! She’s got this amazing beauty and style that just grabs your heart. You might know her from TV or movies, and she’s also like a big deal on social media. People are totally obsessed with her cool posts. So, let’s check out Mouni Roy and her latest gorgeous look in a Bengali saree, and how she became this famous star.

Mouni Roy in a Bengali Saree

Mouni Roy recently posted a stunning picture on her Instagram, looking like a total Bengali queen! She was rocking a beautiful white saree with a cool red border, and her hair was all flowy. She had on jhumkas, bindi, and bangles, which made her look super elegant. But the real surprise was that she didn’t wear a blouse, showing off her awesome bare back.

Mouni Roy in a Bengali Saree

She even had this caption, “Nayantara,” and said ‘Happy Mahalya’ in Bengali, which added a cool vibe to the pic. The pics were taken at this vintage spot, giving off those classic vibes. 😍👑 #SareeSwag #BengaliBeauty

Mouni Roy’s Journey to Stardom

Mouni Roy’s journey to stardom has been nothing short of extraordinary. She first captivated audiences with her role in Ekta Kapoor’s iconic television series ‘Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.’ However, it was her portrayal of the lead character in ‘Naagin’ that catapulted her to stardom. The show’s immense popularity made her a household name.

Mouni Roy’s transition to the silver screen was inevitable, and she made her Bollywood debut opposite Akshay Kumar in the 2018 sports drama film ‘Gold.’ Her performance was well-received, and it marked the beginning of a promising film career.

Sultans of Delhi

Mouni Roy’s jump into the digital world with ‘Sultans of Delhi’ was super impressive! She played the character ‘Nayantara’ in this web series, and it was like a fashion show. She got to wear more than 200 outfits and try out loads of different hairstyles. The show really brought back that cool retro style with all those classic and fancy dresses.

This show is based on a book by Arnab Ray called ‘Sultan of Delhi: Ascension,’ and it’s just massive fun. There’s a whole bunch of awesome actors in it, like Tahir Raj Bhasin, Anjum Sharma, Vinay Pathak, Nishant Dahiya, Anupriya Goenka, Harleen Sethi, and Mehreen Pirzada. It’s been out for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar since October 13, 2023, and it’s a must-watch!

Upcoming Projects

Mouni Roy’s future is lit! She’s all set for a spooky-funny movie called ‘The Virgin Tree’ with cool peeps like Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Singh, and Palak Tiwari. Her acting skills are so on point, and she keeps surprising her fans with her role choices.

And guess what, in May 2023, Mouni Roy did something extra cool! She and her hubby, Suraj Nambiar, opened up a restaurant called ‘Badmaash’ in Mumbai. They’re always chilling there with their squad, making her even more awesome! 🌟

Mouni Roy’s journey is super inspiring! She’s got this crazy talent, works so darn hard, and she’s just so graceful. I mean, she can switch between old-school and modern stuff in a snap, which shows how awesome she is as an actress. And guess what? Her future looks hella bright, and she just keeps on wowing and motivating all her fans.


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