1 to 50 Counting In Sanskrit Explained

How to Write Numbers 1-50 in Sanskrit: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the world of ancient languages, Sanskrit stands as a testament to the rich heritage of India. It is known for its intricacy and beauty, and one fascinating aspect of Sanskrit is its numerical system. If you’ve ever wondered how to write the numbers 1-50 in Sanskrit, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to do just that.


Understanding the Basics

Before delving into the specifics, let’s grasp the fundamental principles of Sanskrit numbers:

1. Decimal System

Sanskrit, like many modern languages, uses a decimal system for counting. This means that the numbers 1-9 serve as the basis for all larger numbers.

2. Numerals

Sanskrit employs unique symbols for its numerals, each with its own distinct character and pronunciation.

Now, let’s start exploring how to write the numbers 1-50 in Sanskrit.

Writing Numbers 1-10 in Sanskrit

1. एकम् (Ekam) – One

2. द्वे (Dve) – Two

3. त्रयः (Trayah) – Three

4. चत्वारः (Catvāraḥ) – Four

5. पञ्च (Pañca) – Five

6. षड् (Ṣaḍ) – Six

7. सप्त (Sapta) – Seven

8. अष्ट (Aṣṭa) – Eight

9. नव (Nava) – Nine

10. दश (Daśa) – Ten

These are the numbers 1-10 in Sanskrit. Now, let’s move on to numbers 11-50.

Writing Numbers 11-50 in Sanskrit

To form numbers beyond 10 in Sanskrit, you need to combine the basic numerals in a specific way. Here are the numbers 11-50:

11. एकादश (Ekādaśa) – Eleven

12. द्वादश (Dvādaśa) – Twelve

13. त्रयोदश (Trayodaśa) – Thirteen

14. चतुर्दश (Caturdaśa): Fourteen

15. पञ्चदश (Pañcadaśa) – Fifteen

16. षोडश (Ṣoḍaśa) – Sixteen

17. सप्तदश (Saptadaśa) – Seventeen

18. अष्टादश (Aṣṭādaśa) – Eighteen

19. एकोनविंशतिः (Ekonaviṁśatiḥ) – Nineteen

20. विंशतिः (Viṁśatiḥ) – Twenty

21. एकविंशतिः (Ekaviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-One

22. द्वाविंशतिः (Dvāviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Two

23. त्रयोविंशतिः (Trayoviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Three

24. चतुर्विंशतिः (Caturviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Four

25. पञ्चविंशतिः (Pañcaviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Five

26. षड्विंशतिः (Ṣaḍviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Six

27. सप्तविंशतिः (Saptaviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Seven

28. अष्टाविंशतिः (Aṣṭāviṁśatiḥ) – Twenty-Eight

29. एकोनत्रिंशत् (Ekonatriṁśat) – Twenty-Nine

30. त्रिंशत् (Triṁśat) – Thirty

31. एकत्रिंशत् (Ekatrimśat) – Thirty-One

32. द्वात्रिंशत् (Dvātrimśat) – Thirty-Two

33. त्रयस्त्रिंशत् (Trayastrimśat) – Thirty-Three

34. चतुस्त्रिंशत् (Catustrimśat) – Thirty-Four

35. पञ्चत्रिंशत् (Pañcatrimśat) – Thirty-Five

36. षट्त्रिंशत् (Ṣaṭtrimśat) – Thirty-Six

37. सप्तत्रिंशत् (Saptatrimśat) – Thirty-Seven

38. अष्टात्रिंशत् (Aṣṭātrimśat) – Thirty-Eight

39. एकोनचत्वारिंशत् (Ekonacatvāriṁśat) – Thirty-Nine

40. चत्वारिंशत् (Catvāriṁśat) – Forty

41. एकन्चत्वारिंशत् (Ekanacatvāriṁśat) – Forty-One

42. द्वाचत्वारिंशत् (Dvācatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Two

43. त्रयश्चत्वारिंशत् (Trayaścatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Three

44. चतुश्चत्वारिंशत् (Catuścatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Four

45. पञ्चचत्वारिंशत् (Pañcacatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Five

46. षट्चत्वारिंशत् (Ṣaṭcatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Six

47. सप्तचत्वारिंशत् (Saptacatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Seven

48. अष्टाचत्वारिंशत् (Aṣṭācatvāriṁśat) – Forty-Eight

49. एकोनपञ्चाशत् (Ekonapañcāśat) – Forty-Nine

50. पञ्चाशत् (Pañcāśat) – Fifty


Writing numbers 1-50 in Sanskrit may seem complex, but with practice, you can master this beautiful script. Understanding the decimal system and the unique symbols for each numeral is the key. Now, you have the knowledge to write these numbers with confidence.


  1. Is Sanskrit still spoken today?
    Sanskrit is no longer a spoken language in everyday life but is still used in religious and scholarly contexts.
  2. Can you write larger numbers in Sanskrit using the same principles?
    Yes, you can continue to form larger numbers by combining the basic numerals as demonstrated in this article.
  3. Are there any variations in Sanskrit numerals in different regions of India?
    Generally, the Sanskrit numerals remain consistent across regions, with slight variations in pronunciation.
  4. What are some common applications of Sanskrit numerals today?
    Sanskrit numerals are often used in traditional Indian music, astrology, and literature.
  5. Where can I learn more about Sanskrit language and script?
    You can find online courses and resources to learn Sanskrit, including its script and numerals.

Now that you’ve unlocked the secrets of writing numbers 1-50 in Sanskrit, you can explore this ancient language further and appreciate its rich cultural heritage.


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